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The Pharm House, an author update

This is an update for my readers regarding my title, The Pharm House.

After approving a galley copy late May 2013, “The Pharm House” was produced in eBook and print at the onset of June. Once released, reviewing a Kindle edition – I noted additional changes I failed to identify in my galley. When asking the publisher to make additional changes and re-release “The Pharm House” they were considerate to do so.

DonnaInk Publications performs a four-tier internal editorial review with two revisions sent to my attention for approval. One of these was my galley, which I read in print form and returned to the publisher with my notations.

You would think with this much editorial every potential change would have been identified. When they say you could edit a book forever, it appears to be true.


So, a secondary galley was approved by me and, “The Pharm House” has been put back in the publisher’s production cue.  “The Pharm House” will be available on nearly 50 digital and print retailers (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Scribd).

For a discount from the retailer visit DonnaInk Publications at http://www.donnaink.org,

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